Would you pay someone to help you write LinkedIn recommendations?

I was talking to Leslie Hawthorn and we had what we thought was a brilliant idea for a new business for writers. At least we'd sign up to be customers!

Business idea: Writing LinkedIn Recommendations

Here's how it could work:

  1. Potential customer pays for help writing a recommendation. ($10-20?)
  2. Potential customer calls writer. (Or writer calls the customer. I think this would have to be a phone call, not a voice mail, but maybe not.)
  3. In 5 minutes or less the customer tells the writer what they like or admire about their colleague.
  4. Writer rights up the recommendation in a format suitable for LinkedIn (a couple of sentences) and emails it to the customer.
  5. Customer posts the recommendation to LinkedIn.

Any writers looking for some part time work?


In order to see how this would work, I am making a limited time offer. For the first 6 people to donate $60 or more to the GNOME Foundation or to Kids on Computers and to email me saying they'd like to take me up on this offer, I will help write 3 recommendations. Obviously we will have to set up a time to talk and you will have to tell me what's good about the people you want to recommend.

For samples of my writing, you can read this blog or see the recommendations I have written on LinkedIn for people I recommend.

This offer is good until February 26th or until a total of 6 people have signed up, which ever comes first.

You must be among the first 6 people to donate to the GNOME Foundation or Kids on Computers and email me to qualify.

9 Replies to “Would you pay someone to help you write LinkedIn recommendations?”

  1. Are you serious? I mean, do you really think there’s a market for this?
    $10-20 a couple of sentences. Nah, you can’t be serious 🙂

  2. I’m serious there’s a business for this. I don’t know what the price point would be though.
    I think for $5 I’d probably use it once in a while.
    At $10-$20, I’d think about writing some for people.

  3. It’s an absolute scandal!
    I hope that Linkedin will ban all people like you from the system!
    In this way all the thrust system is completely wasted!
    Feel free to hide my comment, but surely I’ll submit your blog post to Linkedin admins!

  4. I don’t see a problem either.
    It’s more or less a secretary, and the person who posts the review will fully agree with it, before sending it under his/her name.

  5. I’m sceptical about this because I and I think many with me don’t trust linkedin recommendations. You often see that person A recommends person B and afterwards person B recommends person A. Furthermore people often ask for recommendations. If you receive such a request in general many people give the recommendation because it’s a friend or (ex)-colleague that for instance is in need of a new job etc.

  6. I’ve asked and been asked for recommendations. But while the writing may be prompted, I am always honest. I think as long as everyone is honest, the system works. I think the fact that they are semi-public and your reputation is at stake keeps them honest. (If you recommend that guy that did nothing, all your colleagues will see and know.)

  7. I also think hiring a professional writer is kind of cheating, the very o0wn idea was the words there come directly from the person who signet them, they are not cosmetized. Is also the start of a slippery slope which can get very ugly and destroy the recommendation system.

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