My name is Stormy Peters. You can contact me by sending email to stormy — at — stormyscorner.com. You can also leave a comment on any post where you have something to say! I love learning – especially about communities, technology and software. I am working to making the world a better place and to empower, motivate and inspire others who are also working to change the world through technology.

I currently work as the Director of Websites & Developer Engagement at Mozilla.  I am also a founder and board member of Kids on Computers, a nonprofit organization setting up computer labs in schools where kids have no other access to technology.

Previously I have worked as Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation, established OpenLogic‘s Expert Community and founded and ran HP’s Open Source Program Office.

I do a lot of public speaking. For more information about the topics I speak on, see my speaking resume.

I am passionate about learning, books, technology and open source software. I read a lot, travel a lot and I never pass up an opportunity to learn something new.

I have two boys – an thirteen year old and a seven year old – who help to make sure I’m always learning!

You can also find me on twitter (@storming) and LinkedIn.

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