French Quarter Festival in New Orleans!

We just got back from the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans. Although there were way too many people this year, we had a great time. Good music, good food and good company. We stayed at the Sheraton were we got a great deal from Hotwire. We ate lots and lots of yummy food. (Just don’t try to get vegetables in New Orleans!) We started out with dinner at the Red Fish Grill (we had to return another day to try the double chocolate bread pudding, yum!), had hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s, had a muffeletta from the Central Grocer (We brought home some of their olive salad so we can have muffelettas at home too), crayfish at Frankie and Johnys (their poboys were enormous!), jumbalaya and poboys at the world famous Mother’s (great bloody marys!), brunch at Commander’s Palace and oysters at Acme Oyster House. I’ve left out a few that didn’t live up to New Orleans standards.

When we weren’t eating we managed to squeeze in some music (although I was disappointed that Rockin’ Dopsie Jr played less Zydeco than usual and the Iguanas were out of town), wander around the French Quarter and take a riverboat tour of the last battlesite of the War of 1812 where 2,000 men were massaquered in less than 30 minutes.

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  1. Hello There.
    Have you heard of This Book? “How to Burn down the House: The infamous Waiter and Bartender’s Scam Bible by Two Bourbon Street Waiters”? I saw it on a flyer while I was in New Orleans and then looked up their website- It appears to teach waiters how to rip off restaurants and customers. Do you think this is an issue for tourists and diners to be concerned about. It looks like it’s on too. Thanks for the help.
    Nigel, Tour operator
    Tokyo-New Orleans Excursions

  2. I haven’t read it. It looks like it was just published in November ’04 and one person has reviewed it on They gave it 5 stars and said it was funny.

  3. Just wanted to give you a few local tips:
    1) BEST DRINKS: #1)Bloody Mary: The Ritz Carlton French Quarter Bar, they put a crawfish or a shrimp in it depending on the season and rim the glass with seasoning!
    #2)Pimms Cup #1:The Napolean House, going to the Napolean House is a trip in itself (it is supposedly where Napolean would have lived had he made it here)
    #3)Hurrican: Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, suprisingly it’s NOT PatO’s, PatO’s just has the atmosphere, I’m telling you this place has the best hurricanes!
    2) Best Po-Boys:In no particular order:)
    #1) For ROAST BEEF AND OYSTER: Parkway Bakery and Tavern
    #2)Parasols: Oyster and Roast Beef and MANY others
    #3)Domilises: OYSTER and many others but not so much the Roast Beef, it’s a little dry… just my opinion
    The last two are located Uptown but soooo well worth the drive and Parkway is off of Jefferson Davis Hwy by the American Cans Building.
    PLEASE if you come down here you MUST also take a trip to Drago’s Restaurant and have the char-grilled oysters!!! ( It is to DIE FOR! You know what they say about oysters, it isnt so true, unless it is a chargeilled oyster from DRAGOS! Many people who detest oysters are suddenly oyster lovers after experiencing these! ALSO Jacques-Imo’s ( on Oak St. Get the crawfish alligator cheescake, there is no explaining it, just experience it! And if you have to wait (which you will) go next door to the Maple Leaf and hopefully it’s a Tuesday and Rebirth Brass Band is playing. A moving experience in itself. One more! Dick and Jennys, NEVER EVER a dissapointment! (
    Theres sooo much more, just enjoy yourself and get aout of the Quarter a little if you can, I know the Quarter is amazing and fun but there is just so much more!
    Oh and dont forget to visit the Audubon Zoo or the Audubon Aquarium!

  4. In response to the Scam bible I am a student at UNO in their hospitality program, we actually read it for a cost control class, as a managers perspective as to how employees can rip you off. The things in that back are not done just in new orleans! It just so happens it was written by to Bourbon street waiters! ANY tourist mecca like Bourbon is going to have “those guys” but most of the waiters/waitresses down there b/c they love what they do! They love to see people have a good time and to meet all the locals and visitors that come in, they are not out to scam you, a lot of what was in the book was common sense. Take it as humor and and just watch your stuff, if you feel uncomfortable or question something, just ask. AFTER you have your food! Whats the worst that could happen, they get an attitude and you don’t leave a tip, well the they shouldnt be working in the service industry anyway then!

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