Kids with HIV

The New York Times Magazine has an outstanding article on American kids with HIV.  Most of them are teenagers now and confronting all the issues that teenagers usually struggle with.  Because the first babies with HIV didn’t live long, this is the first generation to make it to adolescence with HIV.  And, at least in the US, they will most likely be the last, since we can now prevent HIV mothers from transmitting the virus to their children.

The stories of these children and their families are amazing.  Imagine growing up, taking medicine several times a day, and never being told why.  Imagine having a disease that you aren’t supposed to talk to anybody about because if you did people won’t want to hold your hand or invite you to a party or sit next to you in school.  But other than getting sick a lot, you are a kid like everybody else.  You might grow up fast.

I highly recommend taking the time to read the article.  It’s worth it.

Their Unexpected Adolescence – New York Times.