Catching perverts online

A photo of an alleged flasher was posted on Flickr.  Now the New York City Flickr community can help identify him.  (This is similar to the story of a woman who didn’t pick up her dog’s poop in Asia and her photo was shown all over the internet.)  I think it’s a really cool idea to solicit help from all concerned citizens to catch criminals.  (And if he’s not a criminal, hopefully he can come forward and explain his part in the story.)  However, what really surprised me was some of the comments on the Flickr page.  Lots of comments were supportive but many were of the "what’s the problem" tone.  I didn’t have a problem with people questioning the authenticity of the post, but to say that masturbating in front of someone who doesn’t want to see it, in a public place, isn’t an issue …

pervert081805thumbnail on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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  1. their is a uk site which is a resource for parents about safe surfing, and also exposes yahoo chat perverts and posts their chat logs for all to see at
    thesu people are doing a great job of exposing potential pedophoiles and from their faq section it looks like they are in contact with the police and nspcc (a uk childrens charity).
    lets hope they do more good work!

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