Sunday update to “Caleb has RSV”

Caleb is doing much better today.  He slept all night, ate 5 ounces in
one sitting and woke up "talking" like he normally does.  His heart
rate has also come down a lot.  We even got a couple of smiles out of
him today.  (He’s been playing and interactive most of the time but no
smiles.)  As soon as he can maintain this without oxygen, we’ll be able
to go home.  In the meantime, it’s nice to be here in the hospital with all the help
from all the experts.

Oh … and did I mention that everyone that comes to visit has to wear
a mask, gown and gloves?  (RSV is very contagious.)  I think Caleb’s wondering why everyone looks
so funny … he stared at our new nurse this morning for a good 10
minutes.  Then he finally gave her a big smile!