The Secret to Losing Weight is to Work Like a Sled Dog

The secret to losing weight is to work like a sled dog.  According to Wired Magazine sled dogs burn 10,000 calories a day!  Since there’s 3500 calories to a pound, that means they would lose three pounds a day if they didn’t eat lots.  So, work as hard as a sled dog running and pulling a sled all day and you too could lose three pounds a day!  (Check with your doctor first!)

Photo by Ranger Gord.

4 Replies to “The Secret to Losing Weight is to Work Like a Sled Dog”

  1. Me too but I’m not sure pulling sleds through the snow would be my favorite activity … maybe snorkeling around coral all day towing Jacob. 🙂

  2. those very poor and unlucky dog,how sad
    i hope somebody can release them and adopt them,
    so they can feel a comfort room with warm milk like a normal pet dog
    imagine how happy they are,if they can running around without that extremetly painfull on their back,take a walk with so expensive cost,yet they still so exciting,poor dog
    10,000 calories a day,no wonder they are so skinny,more cals than any worker in this world needs in a day,this is an Animal Abuse

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