What’s your best excuse?

I have a standing weekly appointment with someone and 80% of the time she calls to reschedule.  I thought I’d share some of the excuses.  I believe they are all real – I just can’t believe they all happen to one person!

  • Looking for son’s dog that was stolen.  (They found the dog.)
  • Granddaughter slipped on the ice and broke her nose and has to be taken to the emergency room.
  • Car got stuck in the snow three times on the way.  (We had lots of snow this year in Colorado!)
  • Babysitter didn’t show up.
  • Has a court date.
  • Daughter had surgery yesterday and is throwing up violently today and needs to be taken back to the doctor.
  • Has meetings with teachers.
  • Has jury duty.
  • … and then the normal "I’m sick."

What’s the best excuse you’ve heard or used?

Photo "The Dog Ate My Homework" by mygothlaundry.

One Reply to “What’s your best excuse?”

  1. In high school, late for my first driver’s ed class – excuse: “I had to milk the goats.” Voted best real excuse by my driver’s ed teacher. By the way, I was telling the truth, I really did have to milk the goats.

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