We need a mommy/kid hangout

I would like a place to hang out with my friends that our kids are happy at.  Preferably some place that even those without kids would enjoy coming to hang out with us. 

McDonald’s has got this down except, well, it’s McDonalds.  The seats aren’t comfortable and the food isn’t great.  Unless you want to sit there all morning drinking a diet coke – I’ve done that.  I’ve also noticed many other moms hanging out there for hours, either together or alone with their book.

Chucky Cheese has the right idea but the food is just terrible.  And it’s also got that plastic feel – the place, not the food.  If they redecorated and improved the food, I might go and might even invite people to go with me.

Dave’n’Buster’s is close, really close, but it’s targeted at older kids.

I want a place that has an atmosphere and food that matches my interests (think brew pub style) with a playground for kids – little kids through medium size kids.  How hard can that be?  Do they exist and not just near my house?  If so, what are they?  Maybe I can talk one of my friends into opening one …