Right brained or left brain or both?

Remember the spinning girl?  If she spun one way, you were left-brained, if she spun the other way, she was right-brained.  I thought it was a trick because she kept changing directions.  A friend came over and actually watched it with me and he swore it kept going the same way all the time even when I called out the "switches."

Today yet another test shows that I’m right brained and left brained.  This test said that I’m a:

  • 49% left brain thinker
  • 51% right brain thinker

They even broke it down further:

  • 38% logical / 39% intuitive
  • 34% symbolic / 37% concrete
  • etc

So I guess I’m a bit of everything – but not random!  (I’m only 17% random.)  And what is fantasy-oriented? 

One Reply to “Right brained or left brain or both?”

  1. me toooooo!!! I thought I was some skitzo person, cause she would repetedly change directions and legs, but nobody else could see it!!! awesome.

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