8 places to see before you die

The Smithsonian just published a list of 28 places to see in your lifetime.  It’s a good list.  Here’s the ones that they had that are on my list to see:

One of my problems is I like revisiting the places I like such as the British Virgin Islands and Barcelona!

What’s on your list?


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  1. Yellowstone National Park, for sure. We’ve been there twice and yearn to return. Hubbie wants to go in the frozen winter. Since I hate being cold, I’m having to warm up to that idea!

  2. Great topic. Read it a couple of days ago and thought about it off and on. Many of the memories of places are so intertwined with the associated experiences that it’s hard to isolate one from another. Some experiences cannot be pinned down to a latitude and longitude location, but can be found at a range of locations.
    Preamble out of the way, I’d like to again experience:
    Northern Lights. Anywhere.
    A calm ocean somewhere off Oregon with the surface covered with Velella jellyfish.
    (Actually, a calm ocean is pretty glorious anytime you find it.)
    Golden Gate bridge: walk across it, leisurely lunch, then walk back.
    A hike through Mineral King including several dark-of-the-moon nights.
    The Art Institute of Chicago.
    Wade the ocean in a place where one can be a quarter mile from land and still be only knee-deep.
    Nighttime snowshoeing by the full moon.
    Tube float the Guadalupe River.
    Grand Canyon.
    Rock scrambling in Pinnacles. Very much like the Baths, but without the water.
    Snorkeling a tropical lagoon.
    And I’d like to visit or experience for the first time:
    Swimming with whale sharks. Manta rays also, but not at the same time.
    The Louvre; Musée d’Orsay; Uffizi; the State Hermitage Museum.
    Chaco Canyon – less visited than Mesa Verde.
    Krakatau. Walk on the island if possible. Cruise around it otherwise.
    And much, much more…

  3. 1. Kirkwood Mountain in California
    2. Whistler, BC Canada
    3. Aleyaska, Alaska
    4. Powder Mountain, Utah
    Snowboarding is my thing.

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