iPhone is replacing laptops, not phones

I’ve been waiting for my cell phone and my laptop to merge. I want something much more powerful than my cell phone but much smaller than my laptop. Devices like the Nokia n80 and the iPhone are coming close. So I found this curious: a new study says that the iPhone is replacing more laptops than cell phones. A third of iPhone owners carry a cell phone too! Many of them Blackberry owners who like the Blackberry keyboard to send email with. The study implied that those iPhone users read the mail on the iPhone and answer it on their Blackberry. That sounds a bit crazy to me – definitely an opportunity for either the iPhone or the Blackberry.

Most importantly for seeing where the iPhone could go – a quarter of iPhone users no longer carry their laptop with them.

One Reply to “iPhone is replacing laptops, not phones”

  1. Interesting.
    I got the iPhone to consolidate my ipod and my cell phone. I love it and its value is much more than the two devices were separately because it does both tasks better or in new ways.
    I still carry my bb though, but not because of the keyboard. The iphone won’t support my work email yet. I know iphone is working on the issue and will likely have an update soon to add that capability.
    I’ve gotten pretty handy at using the iphone’s virtual keyboard, though I agree the bb is speedier and more accurate. Even so, the primary reason I’ll likely keep both even after the iphone gains compatibility because I like keeping my work and personal emails completely separate.
    The keyboard issue could be a factor, though. While I am pretty good with the virtual keyboard, it might be more challenging to handle the sheer volume work produces.

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