Leading questions

Why I need to stop asking my almost two year old leading questions.

Did you have lunch? Yesh.
What did you have for lunch? <silence>
Did you have pizza? Yesh.
Did you have hamburgers? Yesh.
Did you have spaghetti-o’s? Yesh.
You had a lot to eat! Yesh.

It beats saying no all the time!

One Reply to “Leading questions”

  1. Ah, I miss the times when my daughter was so young.
    When your almost two year old is an actual two year old, you’ll rarely hear Yesh any more. The favorite word of any two year old is NO! It’s a very powerful word. It’s the word that gives them a separate identity, as a free and autonomous human being. They’ll say no when they really mean yes, just for the thrill of saying no. It’s rough, but they have to go through that phase.
    So enjoy yesh while it lasts.

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