Kids on Computers needs a web designer!

Kids on Computers needs a new web design. If we get it soon, we have a really cool hardware donation program that System76 is willing to launch with us for Christmas. (We also have 30 computers coming from Partimus that will go to schools in Mexico!)

Thanks, everyone, who has offered to help! I think we have lots of great potential and an awesome team!

Right now the website is pretty ugly. It's just a WordPress blog that I set up:


We had a web designer that created this for us, but she doesn't have time to implement it: (The logo was designed by Yolanda Castillo.)


If you know of someone that could help, point them our way. (They don't have to work with this design.)

We are happy to give credit or help out with LinkedIn recommendations or recommendations with future clients. Or with thank you letters from the kids written on the first computers they've ever gotten to use!

It'd be a great Christmas present.

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  1. We need a home page instead of the blog as home page. So that we can call out our mission, sponsors, activities etc.
    I’d like the blog to be featured in their some where … but I don’t think the blog should be the home page.

  2. What kind of technology are you working with, and what are the expectations of behavior (how much is static, what needs to be dynamic)?
    I’m not promising anything, and I’m a much better back-end programmer than a web developer, but I don’t mind looking at what you need.

  3. I would love to help. I’ve been designing WordPress themes for several years now, and have created sites such as,,,, and
    You can email me at
    Would love to beef up my portfolio a little with this.

  4. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’, but…
    If you swapped the comic-sans for something else it’d look a hell of a lot better.

  5. I’d recommend changing the Comic Sans and removing that teal colored rectangle. Other than that, nice job on the moc-up.

  6. I think my last comment may have been marked as spam (I included links to previous work). I’ve been designing and developing WordPress sites for years now and would love to bulk up my portfolio a bit. You can email me at

  7. Thanks, everyone, for all the suggestions and offers to help. I think I’ve contacted all of you with offers to help via email.
    Thanks, again.

  8. I’m another who likes the WordPress design more. There’s no reason a WordPress site has to be a ‘blog’ – it’s really a CMS like any other. You can certainly run a ‘website’ (rather than a ‘blog’) on it.

  9. Good design is invisible (in the sense that it doesn’t stand in the way). The generic WP template is quite ok. Though it might seem a bit boring for children, it is very well done and looks neutral. The proposed replacement, I’m afraid, is much worse. It’s not too bad but it cannot bear the comparison. Too much wasted space, questionable colour scheme and.. um… the artwork…
    Most things around us are not individually painted but this does not make them less useful.
    I would leave the design as is and focus on content.
    Sorry for not providing any actual help.
    Best wishes,

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