GNOME got an Amazing Christmas Present!

Just in time for the holidays, GNOME received an awesome surprise!

While many people probably listed computers in their letter to Santa, I bet not many of them got one like this.

GNOME got a new fully loaded Dell PowerEdge R610 with 6 500GB hard drives, 32GB of memory and a couple of Xeon Processors! It is a substantial and badly needed upgrade for machines like the one that has been used to host the GNOME Foundation file server,, last replaced in 2003.

This new system will help the GNOME infrastructure team keep everything up and running. As the machine is a vast improvement over the old machine, it should make many people's lives easier.

So who was GNOME's Secret Santa? Jeff Schroeder!

A big thank you goes to Jeff Schroeder for purchasing the machine for the GNOME Foundation.

Thank you, Jeff! Jeff-face-full

Jeff also works on the GNOME system administration team where he's taken on several projects like setting up CiviCRM. You'll also see him at SCALE if you go check out the GNOME booth as he puts together the booth for GNOME every year.

This is really a huge donation! Thanks Jeff!

6 Replies to “GNOME got an Amazing Christmas Present!”

  1. Thanks!
    🙂 So I guess he works for the GNOME Foundation in order to be able to buy them Xmas gifts?
    I guess Mother Teresa has a new name.

  2. The ticket to get this racked and setup with Red Hat IT was created today too! Your blog posting was well timed.
    Thanks again Jeff!
    (@Tom – he’s a volunteer on the Sysadmin team, doesn’t actually work for the GNOME Foundation).

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