Please welcome Shezmeen Prasad to the Mozilla Developer Engagement Team

I’m really excited to tell you that Shezmeen Prasad has joined the Mozilla Developer Engagement Team to help us figure out our event strategy and presence. I’m not the only one that’s excited. So many people were excited that I started to get worried. I warned Shez that a ton of people had a lot of work lined up for her! I need not have worried. Not only has Shez stepped up to the plate but she’s batting it out of the park.

Shez has a lot of experience with event management and open source as well as working across time zones and cultures. She’s Canadian (like a surprising number of Mozillians), has checked out the world (including a 12 month stay in a small town in Norway) and has worked for several open source companies like eZ Systems and ActiveState.

At Mozilla she’s going to help us align our goals with our web developer event presence, work with Mozillians every where (including Latin America and Asia!) to help make sure we reach out to web developers effectively and help us spread Mozilla love around the world!

Shez started at Mozilla the week of Halloween and jumped right into the spirit …

Jess, Shez & Luciana, Halloween 2011



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