My first day at Red Hat!

Today is my first day at Red Hat! I am so excited to be joining this terrific open source software company, its communities and all the great people that work here. In some part, I feel like I’m coming home as many of the people I’ve worked with and admired in open source over the years will now be my colleagues at Red Hat. I met many of them while I was setting up the Open Source Program Office at Hewlett-Packard, had great community manager conversations with them and got good advice as I set up OpenLogic’s Expert Community, worked closely with them as Executive Director of GNOME and saw them often at events while at Mozilla and the Cloud Foundry Foundation – even getting to speak at the Red Hat Summit Women’s Leadership event last year. I’m looking forward to working more closely with friends and colleagues and meeting the Red Hat community!

What will I be doing at Red Hat?

I’ll be joining The Red Hat Open Source and Standards (OSAS) team leading the team of community managers. My job will be to guide community growth and success in upstream projects that Red Hat works with. I’ll be managing (i.e. supporting and enabling!) the team of community leads, as well as those that are embedded in projects, who work directly with upstream projects and coordinate with other stakeholders within Red Hat.

In the first few weeks, I’ll be working on understanding the open source software projects, their goals and communities, Red Hat’s goals, how communication happens between upstream projects and Red Hat teams, how teams communicate, grow and learn, what’s working well for them and what they could use more help on. Learning. I’ll be spending my first couple of weeks learning!

If you are working closely with one of the open source software projects that Red Hat works with and have insights or input for me, please reach out to me!

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