Have you been to New Orleans since Katrina?

I haven’t been back to New Orleans since our trip in 2004, but a friend of mine just went and said it’s still fabulous.  His trip report (written by his wife) is here.  Until 2004, I went at least once a year.  I’ve celebrated several New Year’s Eves, several Jazz Fests, and several French Quarter Festivals in New Orleans, not to mention just random visits.  It’s a great city and I’m glad to hear it’s still a fun place to visit.  Hopefully some day it will be an attractive place to live in too.

One of the things that’s held us back is taking the kids.  Or rather not wanting to take the kids.  I was going to take them until Frank painted this picture for me … Caleb wandering down the street in the French Quarter picking up everything interesting he saw in the street.  Ugh!