Diversify yourself

The Diversified Bootstrapper had some intriguing career advice about how to diversify yourself. In addition to having a couple of interesting side projects and consulting gigs, he recommends the type of job you need to have in order to be able to diversify. It's good advice even if you don't decide to diversify. According to Scott Scheper your main job is critical and must be:Marbles

  • aligned with your passion
  • have freedom or be part-time
  • value results (over time in the office)
  • teach you new skills
  • be challenging

FYI, open source software projects and volunteer jobs are a great way to learn, meet others and open up opportunities.

Photo by Michelle Brea.

2 Replies to “Diversify yourself”

  1. Hi Stormy,
    The Diversified Bootstrapper describes my Day Job perfectly 🙂
    So that is why I get to do these fun side projects…

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