What’s popular for Christmas presents this year?

Whenever I write about something, I usually include a link to Amazon.com. Mostly I include the link so that people can see what I’m talking about. However, every year around Christmas, people find my old posts though google, and buy some of the more interesting gadgets as presents. I can see what they buy through my Amazon associates account. This year is pretty interesting.

  1. Moving alarm clocks like the Clocky Mobile Alarm Clock are very popular. These have been very popular every year since 2004 or so when I posted about them. (And people buy some models that have been ranked terribly – I won’t buy anything rated 1-2 stars on Amazon, not for myself and not as a present. But some people must buy these as a gag gift and not care if they work or not.)
  2. HP A10 Printing Mailbox for Presto Service. This was a real surprise. I blogged about this two years ago and this year was the first year a bunch of people bought HP’s computerless photo printing device. Either it suddenly became popular (two years after it released) or for some reason my blog post on it ranked higher in the search engines. (I really wanted one for my grandmother but she’s deaf so she doesn’t have a phone line. The phone line cost twice per month what the service did when I looked into it.)
  3. Wii Fit – actually anything related to the Wii. I can’t even give you a link to the Amazon Wii Fit page through my associates account. Amazon won’t let me because they are too popular this Christmas! They’ve also put a two per household limit on them and they are sold out most of the time. But people are still managing to buy them.
  4. Luggage Scale – Hand Held – With Tape Measure By Travelon Bags I guess the $25-50 per checked bag is getting to people! I’ve never talked or blogged about this and I still see people buying them … that makes me think they are popular.


  • If you click on these links and buy things from Amazon, I will make a small profit. I will also be able to see what people buy after reading my blog – that’s actually more interesting to me than the money I make. (In December I usually make enough to take Frank out to a nice dinner. The rest of the year I make enough to buy a book every couple of months. If I made more, I’d probably care more about the money, but that’s really not the point of this blog.)
  • I don’t sell enough on Amazon to make my study representative in any way shape or form, not even my blog readers as most people that buy things, like the moving alarm clock, hit my blog after searching for moving alarm clocks.
  • In case it’s not obvious, you should not feel obligated to buy anything on Amazon though the links on my blog. My family and I do not depend on that income!

Photo by craftapooloza.